Parents and Grandparents

At home, it is the parents and grandparents reading to your children and teaching them how to read before they go to school that makes an incalculable difference. The ability to read is your gift to them that will lead to ongoing school and life success. Embrace them in your arms as you teach and read to them.

The ability to read will obviously educate them, but will also give them the exhilarating sense of early success in school which can carry them to future successes.  Reading will become their window to the world that will allow them to engage their imagination and sense of adventure, and to bring inspiration to connect to the larger themes in life. “The child who reads is the child who thinks” is a quotation we can all embrace.

Phonics, vocabulary, and fluency of speech all contribute to their being able to read. Their beginning teachers in school will appreciate the work that you are giving to them now, and they will picture them as highly intelligent and ready to learn. Their comments will go on their record which will follow them all through their schooling years.

As a start, look up some of the animals on the computer or books from the library that they enjoy which will engage and develop his or her awareness…ostriches, flying fish, giraffes, otters, parrots, monkeys etc as well as the suggestions in my book.  Reading ability is expanding her awareness of the world around her. Early childhood learning, and especially reading ability are so important for your child’s future development.

Let me show you how…Get the Book

Reading Comprehension

It is a good idea to familiarize your children with the meaning of what they have just read or heard. Start their consideration by asking questions. Who was the most important character in the story, what happened to him or her, how did he change at the end, what happened to him, who was your favorite character, why?

The best book for this is the classic, Charlotte’s Webb though it is heart wrenching, and maybe too sad for very young children. It is about true friendship, loyalty, love, helping others, warmth, sensitivity and selfless love between a pig and a spider with other farm animals and children also part of the story. We all can learn about life from this story.

Read all types of stories to your children where their imagination can run free.  Pinterest has all sorts of book lists you can glance over before your next trip to the library. And also let them consider and express what the story was saying to them.

Teach them to read early…Please let me show you how…



Not Hard To Do

Parents can’t criticize schools for their lack of teaching if they haven’t at least contributed this part to their education at home and pre-kindergarten. PLEASE TEACH them to read now or at least teach then some of the basic letter sounds, and their whole educational life will change. Who knows what is going on in the first early grades of their schooling, but as a parent you will because you have “put in place” these foundational skills. They will not be part of the 2/3rds of the fourth graders who do not know what is going on with reading. Let’s change these statistics, esp. when this isn’t hard to do.

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