First Big Step

I encourage parents to have a very positive expectation for your child’s educational future, and the easy reading instructions in my book, PRESCHOOL READING SUCCESS IN JUST FIVE MINUTES A DAY is a great start which most definitely speaks to your child’s future schooling success. Please impart an invisible sense of positive energy to your child that he or she is smart, clever, and will easily understand reading as you slip in easy instruction here and there throughout the day that I fully describe in my book … no big deal…no stress… no anxiety. In fact, my approach is not pedantic, stultified, or boring. Your child will understand and “get it” if you discover the correct (hilarious, energetic, meaningful, plain funny) words to demonstrate the initial phonic sounds you are teaching with an upbeat approach. It will feel so natural to both of you as you impart a very positive attitude to learning in general with reading as a first big step.

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A Reading Child’s Future

Illiteracy leads to more political control while devastating a child’s learning future. We need all of our citizens educated and thoughtful. Yes, the mind is a terrible thing to waste. The beginning of national freedom is an educated citizenry, and it starts with reading and it can start early in childhood. If two thirds of children are not reading by the fourth grade, how will they learn, and when will they be taught? …by their equally distressed peers, a sense of failure in school that drags them down, by all of the hi tech distractions, by the internet, by late night comedy shows, by the media, by TV and movies that have destructive messages, by a drug or alcohol culture, WHAT? …What a huge and destructive deficit! Let’s teach them to read as early as possible, so that their God given minds and brilliance are opened to the wonders of this life, to original and creative thinking, to their natural talents, to true beauty, and to  the joys of a well lived and educated life. But this mode of life must start early. We needs all of ours minds working in a productive way to help our country and to help the world.


Literacy in this country is appalling with only one third of children in the fourth grade being able to read. But let’s not allow these statistics to hinder parents from easily solving this challenge as these methods are easily taught with results that will surprise you. Literacy for a child is the most important knowledge for them have which will open innumerable doors and enhance and change his or her life. And it is the first springboard for future success in school and in life. Inspiration that speaks to one’s own talents, awareness of everything, gaining motivation, a window to the wide world, vicarious adventures, the thoughts of humanity, how to fix a bike, read a story about a boy like you, gain confidence, learn concepts and languages,  “fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars”, the whys of this world, knowing stuff and influencing others, observing world and national public opinions to be a proper citizen, ….take your pick because the words that describe any of these are waiting for your child to read. Or just let others influence them and tell them who to be and what to do…no no, we want them to think for themselves…to become educated. START EARLY …START NOW


An Engaged Parent or Grandparent needed for just a few minutes

The many and very positive comments and reviews for my book, Preschool Reading Success in Just 5 Minutes A day have become very motivating to me. The more I read about the dismal literacy rates in this country, the more determined I am to spread this information to as many people as possible. The basic concepts for learning to read are so easy that I need to emphasize that this doesn’t have to be a monumental task to either teach it or for a child to learn it. This is wonderful news. There is no need for so called highly advanced teaching methods, no work books, no DVDs, or other needless concerns. The real need, however, is a highly engaged, energetic and committed in-the-moment parent or grandparent to playfully introduce and teach the basic phonic sounds that have meaning to your child. But it is done in such a silly and stress-free manner and in only a few minutes, that it really isn’t a chore, and even makes connecting with your child more genuinely rewarding.

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Save The Children is a child advocacy group  in the state of Arizona where 54% of participants in Apache, Gila, and Coconino counties have shown a significant improvement in their reading with this group’s help.

The best hope of children living in poverty is education.  Half of fourth graders in low income families score below basic levels in literacy. Sixty percent of low income families cannot afford children’s books in their homes.  God Bless Dolly Parton for providing over one million books per month to families who sign up for her program at

Our team will provide a copy of our book to them