Teaching Children At Home

Teaching a child to read in the familiarity and love at home is the ideal place to learn. There are so many reasons and distractions to not learn in school that all of these reasons can be eliminated esp. since my process is so easy to implement. Reading is fundamental to higher order thinking, and in many ways our educational system is fraudulent esp. when high school seniors are allowed to graduate without knowing how to read, write well or use critical thinking. Some believe that this has political implications as an uninformed populace is easier to control.

I think observers of our educational system realize that there is widespread declining intellectual ability in our students as they go into life or attempt to enter university. Remedial classes are often required. The basics of English grammar are being destroyed with few even noticing or caring. The average student in the 19th century was well read and wrote well. This is no longer the case.

Parents must take a proactive stance from the very beginning to make sure their children are fully able to read. This is the first step for a child’s educational future! Women now go into all sorts of careers often leaving the least capable for teaching. Of course, one can’t generalize and this is certainly not true in all cases. The school environment can be a negative one for them and the students, but just be aware and make the appropriate changes if necessary.

Homeschooling is growing enormously, and certainly goes against our highly regulated educational system for a reason. In our family, I combined homeschooling with public education. I made sure they had the best that our community offered, and I did my part as well including developing their natural talents.

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I observe my grand daughter who is in the 4th grade, but reading at the 7th grade level!!!…She reads endlessly hidden in a hammock under a tree and over the flowers, weather permitting here in the west. She has 20 books piled up on the floor in her room most of the time with numerous trips to the library always on the schedule. She loved learning to read early….Good going little girl !!!

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