A Reading Child’s Future

Illiteracy leads to more political control while devastating a child’s learning future. We need all of our citizens educated and thoughtful. Yes, the mind is a terrible thing to waste. The beginning of national freedom is an educated citizenry, and it starts with reading and it can start early in childhood. If two thirds of children are not reading by the fourth grade, how will they learn, and when will they be taught? …by their equally distressed peers, a sense of failure in school that drags them down, by all of the hi tech distractions, by the internet, by late night comedy shows, by the media, by TV and movies that have destructive messages, by a drug or alcohol culture, WHAT? …What a huge and destructive deficit! Let’s teach them to read as early as possible, so that their God given minds and brilliance are opened to the wonders of this life, to original and creative thinking, to their natural talents, to true beauty, and to  the joys of a well lived and educated life. But this mode of life must start early. We needs all of ours minds working in a productive way to help our country and to help the world.


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