A Successful Child!

Developing a successful child to become a wonderful and productive member of society plus becoming a great future husband or wife must be a parent’s ultimate priority!

My ideas include creating an early reader starting a little before 3 years old in a very slow and vocabulary enriching process that creates a fun and meaningful relationship between the two of you (not to mention early and easy reading success.). The abundance of happy chatter focuses a child on his personhood, his observations, and relationship with others and his world. Security and self confidence grow, and an awareness of being alive come forth with lots of back and forth talking which must include a religious understanding that none of us is alone.

Character Building…so important. Teach her that doing the right thing in any situation is very important, helping and thinking of others, respecting everyone including teachers, telling the truth, helping your parents (chores) and people around you, kindness to others, thoughtfulness etc. This is called integrity and a moral life where true happiness resides. Also consider Delayed Gratification (don’t give them everything they want when they want it.) And teach them a work ethic starting with a few simple chores (everyone in a family contributes.)…all of the above plus MANNERS!…..Grandmothers know what all of this means! Check with them if you have questions!

I love the book, I’M OK , YOU’RE OK by Thomas Harris. Read (and it is easy to  understand and to implement) to create an adult/adult relationship with your child as you seriously take what she says as important and worthy of consideration. Observe as her maturity skyrockets. Let her decide about solutions for certain minor problems on her own under your watchful eye to ramp up her ability to make good decisions firmly grounded in a smart and productive way. You have to read the book to understand…very worthy no matter one’s age.

Love unconditionally with consistent emotional support and respect throughout all of their years. Enjoy their amazing friendship. They grow up way too fast!

Feed properly with the very best in medical care. I used natural medicine/homeopathy etc. to great success. Teach them to cook…have a veggie garden!

Lots of play, physical activity, and verbal interplay…limit screen time!

Watch for their natural talents and develop them!

Discipline…If misbehaving, please take them into the other room (so as to not embarrass them in front of others,) and correct in a calm and even voice as you talk to them at their eye level. Let them think about it, and return to the others when they are ready. Repeat if necessary. Be consistent!

Be a great role model!!!

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