Christmas is the time for children’s excitement and also to learn appreciation. Gifts are symbolic of God’s gift to us for his son Jesus Christ, but this is often lost. Some children are absolutely deluged with gifts that can lead to a certain confusion and anxiety.  Observe them as they rip through the presents going from one to the next. How can their reactions be improved? This is a learning opportunity maybe done in the other room later or better yet, explain what gratitude means beforehand.

I suggest to slow them down to see the thoughtfulness that goes into each gift selection esp. from grandparents. Remind them beforehand that people work hard to save to buy gifts for them, to consider their interests in their selections, and to show them their love. Teach them to express thank you, and to be happy with the gift even if they don’t understand at first. It is the thought that counts, and a thank you hug is always appreciated too.

I read on the internet that a few parents have been so disgusted with their children’s unappreciative attitude with gifts that they didn’t give them so many. So teach your children how to receive graciously and more importantly to show appreciation.

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