Gifted Children

Gifted children are in my family, and I have been proactively aware of their development for many decades. It is my opinion, to actively converse with them early on in their lives, and certainly teach them to read, as they will be actively engaged participants esp. using my methods. Reading ability will be easy. One on one active conversations will be necessary as they enter into this world  their high gifts.

It is my opinion to keep them in public school in gifted classes along with targeted home schooling targeted to their natural talents, so that they are better able to function in the world. To be isolated from the usual kids doesn’t strengthen them. But this is just my opinion.  The people in the world have far less mental ability, but the gifted have to know how to adapt, adjust and function in this truth, and to contribute to all. It is their calling.

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Target Your Child’s Natural Talents

As parents, we must identify, acknowledge, inspire, be a catalyst, electrify, and enliven the unique natural gifts in our children. It will become a lifelong pursuit that will not only will play to their natural strengths, but lead to their successful lives. But let’s start early! It won’t be linear or cause and effect, but with many days of unplanned up-and-down-and-over-again self discovery. We must become the archeologists of our children’s true nature and talents, and be very aware. We dig for their precious natural talent treasures like we explore and excavate for diamonds and gold. Please start the process early. Start now to begin this mining for her or his golden God given talents and callings that will have impact not only for her own life, but all who come in contact with her.

Teach them to read early which will pave the way


The False Reality of Cyperspace


Yep all of the video games, cartoons, social media in all of its forms are not real life though kids are magnetized by them. But all time spent on a device is time away from learning and learning to adapt to life itself. Tech devices create a false reality. Have them spend their free time UNPLUGGED…WHY?

  1. They need more play time to be creative, and to develop their natural talents. Even being bored is a great springboard to achieve this. Unstructured play time creates the foundation for whom they were meant to be and what they were meant to do in life. They will find something to do as they won’t sit still for long. Don’t give them suggestions, let them figure this time out… and then they start solving their problems on their own which leads to initiative, self confidence, and independence. Their curiosity and self awareness are enhanced. They will become self reliant. Hi tech mindless games rob them on this vastly important process.
  2. Mindless instant gratification influences their mental health. Tech diversions are just distractions from real life. To be instantly bored by life when not connected creates an addiction of the worst kind. They are being taught by these devices…how to act, how to behave, and to instantly remove themselves from life and how to adapt to its stresses and even its joys, They must develop a sense of internal calm, to honor themselves, running and playing freely indoors and outdoors without stress and anxiety. And sometimes to do nothing, but to look at the clouds and the bugs in the grass and then to dream. They don’t need Minecraft to become whole.
  3. Conversations with your child  will become easier and happier as they are able to express themselves easily because of their many interests and their enthusiasm for them. Spontaneous joy is more easily expressed without the daily dose of the magnetic and intense lure of some video game. They must become more fully human to express not only their joys, but their anxieties and worries as well. Communication is stopped when they are engrossed in hi-tech. Closer family relations with parents and siblings are the happy result if you throw these devices out. Have them become busy with life. What a horrible price to pay to exchange the above for a few minutes of a child’s time entranced and hypnotized by mindless stimulation and false realities.

Just teach them to read early in a naturally stress free and fun way as I describe in my book, and then stand back and let them be whom God made them to be with all of the resources that allow this.

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