Childrens’ Literacy

For a child to not be able to read has terrible repercussions. Without proficient reading skills, a child cannot participate in our work, economic or civic lives. Lack of literacy skills robs a person and also our nation of the good work of each citizen, and is one of the causes of social unrest and inequality. I feel that it is the birthright of every child to be able to read no matter his or her background or I.Q. What has taken so long to fully understand this? Poor statistics show that there is still a very big misunderstanding of this challenge, and what can be accomplished.

What can be done about it? How can you make sure that your child fully understands the process of reading? The answers are many. Parents teaching their children at home by their side is my preferred way where the parent knows full well their skill levels and how to advance them in a very easy manner. And there are other resources such as preschool attendance where reading is emphasized, the parent demanding higher teacher quality and lower class size, quick intervention for struggling learners, summer school, tutors, and a very important factor is for a mother and the family to be fully aware of the benefits of literacy and the value of an education.

Not everyone values or even understands what the value of an education or what high achievement can really mean. Big Problem, and I don’t have an answer for this one! I do remember one high school teacher say on the first day of class as he held up two pictures. One was of a trailer and a beat up car in a not so good part of town, while the other one was of a nice house and a nice car. Which one do you want to live in, he asked. The class all said the nice house and car. O.K. good. Well pay attention to what you learn here because this is what will get you there. A very worthy, pointed and practical reason for education.

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