Creating Joy With Your Children

God has delivered a live long companion at your door who will bring you the full spectrum of human emotion. You can only imagine. A child carries your heart, your undying love, and along the way, don’t forget to have pure fun with him/her. She will always be up for a good time…an impromptu Friday dance that the weekend is here, making gingerbread, brownies or cookies, having a picnic lunch under an umbrella in the garden, picking berries from your own vines, a bubble bath, make popovers, a run in the sprinklers, a miner’s head flashlight (at amazon) so they can run around hands free in your backyard at night, popcorn with a special movie, picking flowers in your garden, reading books in a hammock under a tree, picking fruit from the trees in your yard, growing lettuce for your salads, making soup with you with “cooking music” (whatever that is for you) in the background, play games, puzzles and cards, hide and go seek, jump rope, fly kites, read the limericks of Edward Lear, dress up, braid hair, skip rocks on a lake or ocean, sleep in a tent in a child’s bedroom, play croquet…..and don’t forget to teach them to read early in a very fun and happy way!


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