Literacy in this country is appalling with only one third of children in the fourth grade being able to read. But let’s not allow these statistics to hinder parents from easily solving this challenge as these methods are easily taught with results that will surprise you.. Literacy for a child is the most important knowledge for them have which will open innumerable doors and enhance and change his or her life. And it is the first springboard for future success in school and in life. Inspiration that speaks to one’s own talents, awareness of everything, gaining motivation, a window to the wide world, vicarious adventures, the thoughts of humanity, how to fix a bike, read a story about a boy like you, gain confidence, learn concepts and languages,  “fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars”, the whys of this world, knowing stuff and influencing others, observing world and national public opinions to be a proper citizen ….take your pick because the words that describe any of these are waiting for your child to read in books.

Or just let others or other entities influence them and tell them who to be and what to do…NO NO,  we want them to think for themselves…to become educated. START EARLY!



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