Eating Vegetables…how to:

You gotta be clever here: Call it fun food. This isn’t punishment. Don’t say, ” sit there and eat your vegetables or else.” Also don’t say veggies are good for you in a tone of voice that infers ” they don’t taste good.” Just serve them delicious food that veggies are a part of .

New stats from Center for Disease Control say only 1 in 10 adults eat enough fruits and veggies, so let’s start early making veggies a normal part of a child’s diet. Adults in adulthood go back to what was “normal” to eat in their childhood.

Grate veggies into spaghetti sauce and cook, so not seen…parmesan cheese over top.

Grated veggies hiding in a meatloaf…beef or turkey

Carrot and ginger soup

Zucchini Fritters on Pinterest

Veggies in stuffing.

Baby peas or baby lima beans with butter

Chopped salads (premade in a bag seems OK)

Cole Slaw

Creamed spinach…stemless spinach, chopped garlic/nutmeg/S&P/sm amt. cream

Persian baby/cocktail cucumbers in oil and vinegar that taste great…very soft

Guacamole on corn/potato chips

Quickly cooked cauliflower or broccoli with cheese sauce…paprika on top

Corn on the cob

Veggie pancakes with chick pea flour

Hash brown potatoes (grated from previously baked ones) with chopped onion and a few colorful chopped bell peppers.

Barbecued veggies from the grill

Roasted veggies in oven with olive oil

Re-fried beans with no additives. Trader Joes has a great canned black bean one. Will yours eat mild salsa? Spanish rice?

Tacos and hamburgers with tomatoes, onion (fried or a slice) and shaved lettuce

Yam French Fries baked in oven…homemade, of course…same for potatoes…hi temp.

Bean soup (dried white  beans, water, carrots, onion, cauliflower, garlic, thyme, S&P blended in pot with hand-held blender)

Tomato soup (sm. can of tomato paste, water, garlic salt or powder, dried basil, S&P, a tsp. of sugar, a tad of cream just at the end, but don’t boil as it will separate)

Vegetable Soup…veggies in beef or chic broth herbs/blend with hand blender

Spilt Pea Soup with carrots and onions/thyme/ S&P

Spiralizer veggies (broccoli stems, carrots) pasta with sauces

Fried Rice with chopped veggies

Veggies on pizza

Tempura?…crunchy and delicious. Chinese food?

Quesadilla with cooked chicken breast (rotisserie chicken from Costco?,) sliced tomatoes, green onions, cilantro, and cheese.

Cous Cous salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, mint, green onions…dressing

Here, eat a tree as you offer a small section of cooked broccoli with a stem.

Add green veggie powder to a recipe…meatloaf etc.?

Have an organic garden out back with lots of fast growing veggies that they will pick and want to eat.

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