First Big Step

I encourage parents to have a very positive expectation for your child’s educational future, and the easy reading instructions in my book, PRESCHOOL READING SUCCESS IN JUST FIVE MINUTES A DAY is a great start which most definitely speaks to your child’s future schooling success. Please impart an invisible sense of positive energy to your child that he or she is smart, clever, and will easily understand reading as you slip in easy instruction here and there throughout the day that I fully describe in my book … no big deal…no stress… no anxiety. In fact, my approach is not pedantic, stultified, or boring. Your child will understand and “get it” if you discover the correct (hilarious, energetic, meaningful, plain funny) words to demonstrate the initial phonic sounds you are teaching with an upbeat approach. It will feel so natural to both of you as you impart a very positive attitude to learning in general with reading as a first big step.

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