Detox Bath

If a child is emotionally acting out more than usual, put them in a vinegar bath…2 cups of apple cider vinegar in their usual bath water. It balances out their nervous system, and calms them right down. If needed, do this any time during the day, and esp. wonderful at night before bed. This is also very useful if they have colds.

I used to lug in gallons of apple cider vinegar for this purpose, and it made a huge difference in all of our lives. With all of the horrible things children eat, this helps though eliminating food additives, food coloring, and all of the chemicals you can’t read on the ingredients label especially added sugar, is the best solution.

Make all of their food from scratch, so that you know exactly what they are eating. Make ahead to freeze for your convenience. Create a master list of easy and highly nutritious breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas on google docs for your quick reference. Their bodies are forming now, and each bite counts. I added wheat germ to all pancakes, cookies, and muffin recipes. Also use “pastry” whole wheat flour grind which isn’t as heavy as regular whole wheat flour. Bob’s Red Mill has a wonderful 5 lb. Whole Wheat Pastry Flour bag!

More Fun Questions

As a child’s vocabulary and their expressing themselves help in reading comprehension, here are a few more child friendly questions.

What was or is your favorite children’s story? I loved Charlotte’s Web, but it was a little sad. I also loved Babar the Elephant. My sister loved Winnie the Pooh. How about you?

What is your favorite food? Is pizza our national food? I hope not.

I wish animals could talk, do you? What do you think that they would say?

What food do you like the best at Thanksgiving?

What is your favorite pie?…favorite ice cream?

Do you dream?…Can you remember what they are about?

What is your favorite color? Do you have a dress that color?

Do you feel yourself growing?….nobody does, but you are.

I can’t imagine a family without children. Can you feel how glad we are to have you alive right here, right now, and in our family?….Love you, Good Night







I love talking to my grand children to see what they are thinking about, and to just know them better. My grand daughter loves for me to ask her questions beyond “how was school today?,” so I have thought up a few questions and I encourage you to think up yours. We are usually very relaxed during these conversations when she is my kitty who needs her back scratched.

What are the three most interesting things about you? What do you like doing the most?

If you could be an animal, which one would it be…why?

Would you like to fly like a bird or go underwater like a dolphin?

What is your first memory?

Did you ever believe in giants?

What is your idea of a perfect day?

What is your favorite outdoor game…indoor game?

What was the best thing that happened to you today? Did you help anyone?

Who has been your favorite teacher?…why?

Are you aware of God in your life…how?


Target Your Child’s Natural Talents

As parents, we must identify, acknowledge, inspire, be a catalyst, electrify, and enliven the unique natural gifts in our children. It will become a lifelong pursuit that will not only will play to their natural strengths, but lead to their successful lives. But let’s start early! It won’t be linear or cause and effect, but with many days of unplanned up-and-down-and-over-again self discovery. We must become the archeologists of our children’s true nature and talents, and be very aware. We dig for their precious natural talent treasures like we explore and excavate for diamonds and gold. Please start the process early. Start now to begin this mining for her or his golden God given talents and callings that will have impact not only for her own life, but all who come in contact with her.

Teach them to read early which will pave the way


Hi Parents and Grandparents!


I wanted to do something creative and fun with my children and later grandchildren. I wanted to devise a reading program that was stress free and joyful. I did. They never knew what was happening…

Explore the possibilities.  O, I just learned that my grand daughter reads at the seventh grade level now! She is in the fourth grade.


Find out how~~~~~~!!!

Get the book


Joyful Conversations

Teaching your kiddo to read is about joyful communication. You will step into his world of what brings him happiness, and what words “light” him up. You will be “mining” for these as an avenue to teach sounds. You want to enter his funny world…his world of enchantment in order to connect and teach sounds. Watch for this amusing door to open. This will bring mutual enthusiam to you and your child, and your delight in him will transfer to a wonderful learning environment. The caterpillar will change into a butterfly who reads…right before your eyes. It will take time and patience, but it will happen. Your joy and pride will bubble up as you observe him understanding and capturing this process. Let me show you how.


Early reading ability is so exciting! It brings your developing child such confidence, and a knowledge of his burgeoning internal  strength. There are lots of “feel goods” here…happiness with himself/herself, a certain pride in his or her own accomplishments, learning new words, an opening of his/her intellectual understanding and overcoming this first big schooling challenge. School in her estimation isn’t so hard after all, and “I can look forward with excitement to going to school with confidence and enthusiam. I can do this…no problem!”





Little Boys and Reading

Getting little boys to read is especially challenging. Their energy is in their legs and general physicality, and to have them sit down to read can be daunting.  You gotta get them early, and my method works beautifully with them. To relate silly words, as I describe in my book, to basic phonic sounds is perfect for them, and the only way to teach them. They love acting silly and running around, so to get their attention is the real hope and goal. My method fits in perfectly. I watch my 7 year old grandson now who is an expert reader for his age, and know that this method works beautifully. He receives unending praise and kudos from his teacher.

Get the book. He will love it!

Screen Solitude

Our children’s addiction to their screens is isolating them from outdoor play, reading and from their natural talents. It is teaching them to be alone, and be silenced by technology. If we do the same, we are modeling this behavior to them.

Facebook, I just learned, hires gambling consultants to keep us attracted of the screens flashing in front of us no matter our ages. There is constant stimulation with distractions galore, a never ending flow of information, and games without any depth of thought, and in the extreme there is an alienation from others and even ourselves.

Inner conversation is lost, and so is adaptation to life and self knowledge. It is hard for children to pay attention to anything outside of this. Screens can disrupt their thought and focus with this constant stimulation and a never ending flow of superficial information. They can become irritable and kind of vacant if the screen is taken away. Random chatter is less, and an odd silence in a family can take hold. They are present and not present.

Children do not need to be connected to this type of isolating experience. Let’s not teach them to be alone or even consumed with this meaningless involvement.

Start teaching them to read early…

Get the book




Political reasons for illiteracy?

Some people have told me that there are reasons for the poor literacy rates in this country. Each person and family have to take a look at this issue to decide for themselves. But the literacy rates in our elementary schools are appalling with two thirds of fourth graders not reading up to grade level. Many high school graduates have to take remedial classes in college, and some call a high school diploma as fraudulent. Why?….Take a look or at least look at the comments in this book on amazon

Makes one wonder….a poorly educated populace is easier to manipulate. Just make sure that this doesn’t happen at your house.

Start early, and make sure your child is prepared for a fully functioning life.