An Engaged Parent or Grandparent needed for just a few minutes

The many and very positive comments and reviews for my book, Preschool Reading Success in Just 5 Minutes A day have become very motivating to me. The more I read about the dismal literacy rates in this country, the more determined I am to spread this information to as many people as possible. The basic concepts for learning to read are so easy that I need to emphasize that this doesn’t have to be a monumental task to either teach it or for a child to learn it. This is wonderful news. There is no need for so called highly advanced teaching methods, no work books, no DVDs, or other needless concerns. The real need, however, is a highly engaged, energetic and committed in-the-moment parent or grandparent to playfully introduce and teach the basic phonic sounds that have meaning to your child. But it is done in such a silly and stress-free manner and in only a few minutes, that it really isn’t a chore, and even makes connecting with your child more genuinely rewarding.

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Save The Children is a child advocacy group  in the state of Arizona where 54% of participants in Apache, Gila, and Coconino counties have shown a significant improvement in their reading with this group’s help.

The best hope of children living in poverty is education.  Half of fourth graders in low income families score below basic levels in literacy. Sixty percent of low income families cannot afford children’s books in their homes.  God Bless Dolly Parton for providing over one million books per month to families who sign up for her program at

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Parents and Grandparents

At home, it is the parents and grandparents reading to your children and teaching them how to read before they go to school that makes an incalculable difference. The ability to read is your gift to them that will lead to ongoing school and life success. Embrace them in your arms as you teach and read to them.

The ability to read will obviously educate them, but will also give them the exhilarating sense of early success in school which can carry them to future successes.  Reading will become their window to the world that will allow them to engage their imagination and sense of adventure, and to bring inspiration to connect to the larger themes in life. “The child who reads is the child who thinks” is a quotation we can all embrace.

Phonics, vocabulary, and fluency of speech all contribute to their being able to read. Their beginning teachers in school will appreciate the work that you are giving to them now, and they will picture them as highly intelligent and ready to learn. Their comments will go on their record which will follow them all through their schooling years.

As a start, look up some of the animals on the computer or books from the library that they enjoy which will engage and develop his or her awareness…ostriches, flying fish, giraffes, otters, parrots, monkeys etc as well as the suggestions in my book.  Reading ability is expanding her awareness of the world around her. Early childhood learning, and especially reading ability are so important for your child’s future development.

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Reading Comprehension

It is a good idea to familiarize your children with the meaning of what they have just read or heard. Start their consideration by asking questions. Who was the most important character in the story, what happened to him or her, how did he change at the end, what happened to him, who was your favorite character, why?

The best book for this is the classic, Charlotte’s Webb though it is heart wrenching, and maybe too sad for very young children. It is about true friendship, loyalty, love, helping others, warmth, sensitivity and selfless love between a pig and a spider with other farm animals and children also part of the story. We all can learn about life from this story.

Read all types of stories to your children where their imagination can run free.  Pinterest has all sorts of book lists you can glance over before your next trip to the library. And also let them consider and express what the story was saying to them.

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Not Hard To Do

Parents can’t criticize schools for their lack of teaching if they haven’t at least contributed this part to their education at home and pre-kindergarten. PLEASE TEACH them to read now or at least teach then some of the basic letter sounds, and their whole educational life will change. Who knows what is going on in the first early grades of their schooling, but as a parent you will because you have “put in place” these foundational skills. They will not be part of the 2/3rds of the fourth graders who do not know what is going on with reading. Let’s change these statistics, esp. when this isn’t hard to do.

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The False Reality of Cyperspace


Yep all of the video games, cartoons, social media in all of its forms are not real life though kids are magnetized by them. But all time spent on a device is time away from learning and learning to adapt to life itself. Tech devices create a false reality. Have them spend their free time UNPLUGGED…WHY?

  1. They need more play time to be creative, and to develop their natural talents. Even being bored is a great springboard to achieve this. Unstructured play time creates the foundation for whom they were meant to be and what they were meant to do in life. They will find something to do as they won’t sit still for long. Don’t give them suggestions, let them figure this time out… and then they start solving their problems on their own which leads to initiative, self confidence, and independence. Their curiosity and self awareness are enhanced. They will become self reliant. Hi tech mindless games rob them on this vastly important process.
  2. Mindless instant gratification influences their mental health. Tech diversions are just distractions from real life. To be instantly bored by life when not connected creates an addiction of the worst kind. They are being taught by these devices…how to act, how to behave, and to instantly remove themselves from life and how to adapt to its stresses and even its joys, They must develop a sense of internal calm, to honor themselves, running and playing freely indoors and outdoors without stress and anxiety. And sometimes to do nothing, but to look at the clouds and the bugs in the grass and then to dream. They don’t need Minecraft to become whole.
  3. Conversations with your child  will become easier and happier as they are able to express themselves easily because of their many interests and their enthusiasm for them. Spontaneous joy is more easily expressed without the daily dose of the magnetic and intense lure of some video game. They must become more fully human to express not only their joys, but their anxieties and worries as well. Communication is stopped when they are engrossed in hi-tech. Closer family relations with parents and siblings are the happy result if you throw these devices out. Have them become busy with life. What a horrible price to pay to exchange the above for a few minutes of a child’s time entranced and hypnotized by mindless stimulation and false realities.

Just teach them to read early in a naturally stress free and fun way as I describe in my book, and then stand back and let them be whom God made them to be with all of the resources that allow this.

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I was 7 years old, in the second grade, and didn’t know how to read. WHAT!? I was later labelled as gifted, but this didn’t make any difference. I couldn’t read at 7!  My mother finally understood this big deficit in my education, and was frankly shocked. She immediately took over my reading training as we sat on the couch with me by her side. I learned to read in a manner of weeks.  I easily learned in this very loving, accepting, and enjoyable way. I didn’t want my children to have this same deficit, so I devised my own method that was very successful for them, and later to many others. My children never remembered learning how to read because I incorporated  it with so much fun.  I want to tell you how. They started kindergarten fully prepared.  The kindergarten teacher took me aside to whisper to me….,”you do realize that your son is reading!”….of course, I knew….I made darn sure that he could….and later my daughter did too.

Ask yourself how your child is learning how to read, does he or she get the strategy his teacher is using…Put yourself in the loop….Questions like this can’t be answered unless you take an active interest in providing a sound foundation to their reading education…BUT YOU WILL, IF YOU CARRY THROUGH WITH MY INSTRUCTION, and start early before this becomes “an issue laden with anxiety and stress.” One on one teaching at home in a very positive and fun way is to teach and bond with child no matter your income or educational background , and with no stress or failure is how they will easily learn. I sure needed this, and parents of young children do too.

I have devised many fun ways, and my book tells you exactly how. It will change their lives….all 5 stars reviews on my book…short, sweet and to the point. I know that this works as I have watched success over and over again……My children and grandchildren never remembered learning as I introduced reading in such a fun and happy way…..



As a child matures, there are so many distractions that are competing for his or her attention which will interfere with learning to read later. This “sensitive time” of a preschooler, as Maria Montessori so beautifully described it, is the perfect time for his or her learning to read. The internet, video games and social media culture are insidious, influential, time consuming, and not in the best interests of your child’s future. I observe many parents just hook their kids up with a device or a kindle for endless cartoons, games and videos that ultimately teach them that this is what they are to do with their time and their attention. This is a false reality. Screen time has replaced many learning opportunities on many different levels. So please give them this first real spark of success with early reading which can lead to much more educational accomplishment.  And let them PLAY with their free time…..indoors…outdoors…running free into their futures…




The goal is to be able to read three letter words by knowing the basic sounds of the alphabet before they go into kindergarten which is all accomplished in a very fun and entertaining manner. It is more about play and silliness than a strict learning situation.  ALL you are required to do is to focus on a little 5 mins a day between the ages of 3 and 5 for your child to understand basic letter “noises,” using very fun and meaningful (to them) initial sound examples.

Then your child starts kindergarten truly prepared and ready to go…!!! The early grades will complete the process of reading, and they will happily know what is going on with the whole reading process because you have slowly and happily introduced them to reading at home. They will be way ahead of all of the others, and their teachers will be dropping their jaws.  I want to help you do this. It isn’t hard at all…65 pages that will tell you how,…short and sweet, loving and amusing for both of you!