Self Esteem

This is an issue with limited long term results, imo. Yes, children must have confidence in their abilities to create solutions and to apply themselves with effort for results, and to be loved unconditionally. But for children to be deemed wonderful and capable just because the schools and parents tell them so…..don’t think so. I compliment children for specific tasks that are well done, and this is fine. But to give trophies and acclaim for little effort or for just showing up hurts a child’s progress and understanding about life. Children are very bright. They know if they have worked hard and are deserving for rewards….. and are not fooled by false accolades.

But “Millennials” are the example of approaching this subject incorrectly. They have been fashioned if not indoctrinated by an elite culture with a simplistic emphasis on feelings and other subjective so called “truths” that are individual and changeable. I hear the words now such as “classist and racist” which are automatic conclusions, even propaganda, and seen as truth. I say use critical thinking, logic, merit, and reasoning to come to conclusions….back and forth debate between people that isn’t just emotional. Empower children to think, reason, and study for themselves before conclusions are found. In this manner, internal confidence and maturity grow. I guess you can call it self esteem, but work, study, and critical thinking must be integral to this learning process.

Early reading and understanding the written word takes happy effort  that I  describe here.

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