The Spoken Word

The spoken word is the foundation of reading and reading comprehension. Words given voice create awareness to a child’s perception of his world, to the people in it, to the animals in it, and to higher levels of understanding. But first the verbalized word. Talk to them at every opportunity. It awakens them. Their brains and awareness expand. Their mouth, ears and eyes are their gateway to knowledge and education. Engage your child in conversation about anything. Connecting fun and silly words with sounds are the basis of my reading theories. But first talk to them about the world right in front of them. What is happening right here and right now ? Verbalization springboards your child’s awareness, understanding, and maybe even his brain. His ability to express himself has great meaning to him, to his teachers and to his parents. This process keeps growing and expanding as more and more  knowledge and awareness come forth. His world expands, and his interest in learning and in school take off!

But then along comes the screens with an odd and uncharacteristic silence. A certain quiet descends and children are easier to handle with less effort from a parent when they are sitting over somewhere totally engrossed in a screen. But think about it. Is this what you want? Sure, some is OK, but there are parents who are very restrictive about screen time as it is very apparent what is going on here. There is no talking and no physical activity, and who knows what is influencing your child on these screens.  Is this normal? Is this what you want? What do you think? Does this bother you? Is this OK with you? Children mimic behavior with what they see. Is this how you want them to spend their time?

Reading is an activity of great value as it opens a child world to adventures, imagination, and excitement.  This is what I propose. Early reading is the key to their kingdoms to open doors to their futures.

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